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Historical Commissions: Comparative Perspectives (Institute for the Study of Human Rights, USA)
Institute for the Study of Human Rights, 12.04.2010

Since the late 1980s the question of historical Aufarbeitung in the Baltic states has concerned primarily the issue of the Soviet occupation of these countries in 1940.
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Prague : dernière bataille, dernières falsifications (Iskra, France)
Iskra, 10.05.2010

La dernière bataille majeure de la seconde guerre mondiale en Europe fut l’insurrection et la libération de Prague, le 9 mai 1945.
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Russia: Politics and History (Russia in Global Affairs, Russia)
Alexei Miller, Russia in Global Affairs, 07.07.2010

The Ruinous Consequences of History Politics for the Country and Its Relations with Neighbors
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New Russian Web Site Highlights Resistance to Soviets in Baltics, W. Ukraine & W. Belarus after WWII (GeorgianDaily, Georgia)
GeorgianDaily, 27.04.2010

A new Russian website intended to ensure no one forgets what it calls “the victims of nationalist terror in the Western regions of the USSR” unintentionally calls attention to the strength of resistance to the imposition of Soviet power.
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We look ahead with an eye to the past – observer on Eastern Europe (RussiaToday, Russia)
RussiaToday, 07.05.2010

We’re looking ahead and trying to improve the ties not only between Europe and Russia, but also between the EU and Russia, says Reinhard Krumm, from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, about the Russian-German relations.
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Nazis were murderers, not freedom fighters - Medvedev, Netanyahu (The Moscow Times, Russia)
Alexander Dyukov, The Moscow Times, 15.02.2010

Russia and Israel believe questioning the Nazi Holocaust of the European Jews encourages a new wave of xenophobia and racism.
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Lithuania opens Gulag prison camp for students (Russia today, Russia)
Russia today, 11.02.2010

A recreated Stalin-era prison camp near Vilnius, a Gulag, has become a peculiar attraction for EU students.
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Demyanyuk trial - warning to defenders of Nazi criminals (The Voice of Russia, Russia)
The Voice of Russia, 21.12.2009

The trial of the notoriously known Ivan Demyanyuk resumes in Munich. The investigators believe that he is involved in the murders of nearly 28,000 Jewish prisoners in the German concentration camps.
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Trial of Nazi suspect Demjanjuk starts in Munich (RIA Novosti, Russia)
RIA Novosti, 30.11.2009

The trial of Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk, charged with involvement in the murder of 27,900 people during World War II, started in Munich on Monday, a court spokesman said.
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Tallinn: new act to deface history (The Voice of Russia, Russia)
The Voice of Russia, 12.10.2009

It is for the second time now that the monument to all those who were killed in action during the Second World War, or in other words, the monument to the Soviet Soldier-Liberator, which is also known as the “Bronze Soldier”, was defiled in Tallinn.
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