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Zabytyj agressor: Rumynskaja okkupacija Moldavii i Transnistrii (Forgotten aggressor: Romanian occupation of Moldova and Transnistria/Compiling editor A.R. Dyukov.)
Moscow: Historical Memory Foundation, 2010

The volume consist from the articles of Moldavian and Russia authors working on the state of the occupied territories, the extermination of Jews in Moldova and Transnistria, Romanian religious policy and Moldavian soviet partisan movement.

Vojna na unichtozhenie: Nacistskaja politika genocida na territorii Vostochnoj Evropy (The war of extermination: The Nazi genocide in Eastern Europe: International science conference papers (Moscow, 26th-28th of April, 2010))
Moscow: Historical Memory Foundation, 2010.

The volume contains more then 40 articles. The authors are historians from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Norway, France, Germany, Great Brittan, Israel and USA. Language: Russian

Makarchuk V.S. Gostudarstvenno-territorial'nyj status zapadno-ukrainskih zemel' v period Vtoroj mirovoj vojny. (Makarchuk V.S. State and territorial status of the Western Ukraine during the World War II: A historical and legal analysis.)
Historical memory Foundation. Moscow, 2010.

The research is based on international legal instruments, archive sources etc. State and territorial status of the Western Ukraine is defined as well as the legitimacy of its changes. Language: Russian

Zhurnal rossijskih i vostochnoevropejskih istoricheskih issledovanij, 1, 2010 (The Journal of Russian and East European historical studies, 1, 2010)

The first issue of the Journal of Russian and East European historical studies has appeared. The goal of the editors team was quite ambitiousness: to stir up the discussion on burning and problematic questions of Russian and East European history.

Jurij Moiseenko. Pocherk zverja (Yuriy Moiseenko. The hand of the beast)
Pskov: Pskovs renaissance, 2010

The Nazi occupation of Pskov during the Great Patriotic war is described in this book. The author is a journalist from Pskov. He is shedding light on the Nazi new order and its implementation on the occupied territories. Language: Russian

Petrenko A.I. Pribaltijskie divizii Stalina (Petrenko A.I. Stalins Baltic divisions)
Moscow: Veche, 2010

During the Great Patriotic War national divisions and units from soviet Balts were formed. Theyve passed a long and hard way of fights from Demyansk to Courland. In this book you can find an information about their story. Language: Russian

Nacistskaja vojna na unichtozhenie na severo-zapade SSSR: regional'nyj aspekt. (Nazi extermination policy in the Nord-West of the USSR: regional aspect. International conference papers (Pskov, December 10-11, 2009))
Moscow :Historical Memory Foundation, 2010.

Collected articles Nazi extermination policy in the Nord-West of the USSR: regional aspect consist of international science conference papers took place in Pskov in December, 2009. Languages: Russian, English

Dyukov A. "The minor enemy: OUN, UPA and the solution of the "Jewish question"
Rīga: European Research Institute, 2010.

The book reviews OUNs pre-war plans against Jews, anti-Jewish campaigns and the fate of Jews mobilized in the UPA. Language: English.

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Destroy as much as possible" Latvian collaborationist formations on the territory of Belarus, 1942 1944: Document Compendium
Helsinki: Johan Beckman Institute, 2010.

During World War II on the territory of Belarus occupied by the Nazis and their accomplices a huge number of crimes was committed, evidence of which has been deposited in the archives of Russia and Belarus. Transl. from Russian by Irina Zhila

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Vorob'eva L.M. Istorija Latvii: Ot Rossijskoj imperii k SSSR. Kniga 2. (Vorobeva L.M. The history of Latvia: from the Russian empire to the USSR. V.2. )
Moscow: "Historical memory" Foundation: Institute for Strategic Studies of Russia, 2010.

The book gives a detailed account of Latvian history in the XXth century: dramatic events that caused a split between the Russian empire and its Baltic province, and then the reacquisition of it as a union republic.

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